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 The Ranks of the Alpine Spirits Pack

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The Ranks of the Alpine Spirits Pack Empty
PostSubject: The Ranks of the Alpine Spirits Pack   The Ranks of the Alpine Spirits Pack EmptyTue May 15, 2012 2:41 am

The Ranks

Ranks establish the hierarchy of the pack. The ranks that you see below are put in order from highest to lowest. If your wolf is a lower rank than another wolf, treat them with respect. Otherwise you may be punished.

This rank is the leader of the Guardians. He or she controls the war party
of the pack. The Warchief leads Guardians to fight against other packs
and predators. This wolf also sends out groups to patrol the territory
and defend the pack.
The guardians are the fighters of the pack. They follow the Warchief and
fight predators, enemy packs, and stranger wolves to keep them out of
the territory. These wolves also guard and patrol the territory.

The Vulturine leads the party/ies of wolves out to hunt and kill prey. They
are responsible for every action that the Killers make while hunting,
and are also responsible for keeping the pack well-fed.
The Killers are basically what their name states. They assist the Vulturine
in hunts and follow him/her without question. They must have a good
bite, as well as good agility.

They deliver messages to neighboring packs; as it is too much of a risk for
the Rulers to go. These wolves must be quick-footed and have great

The Shaman is the lead healer of the pack. They may send the Medics on
quests to find certain herbs or other small jobs, but their main purpose
is to assist in serious injuries.
The medics are the healers of the pack and they follow the shaman's orders.
They will heal the pack members when they are sick or injured and need
daily care.

Part-time Jobs
    The Recruiters
They are the ones who are extremely persuasive and highly active.
They know a lot about the pack and recruit through PM, Wolfquest, and other things.
The mentors train the apprentices to become skilled in what rank they
desire to be someday. This is not a full-time rank, and once the
apprentice finishes their studies, they must return to their regular

Beginner Ranks
These wolves are the ones that need training. They are usually fledgling,
around a year of age or so. The dominant chooses a mentor for the
apprentice, and then the mentor trains the pupil. When the teacher
believes their student is ready, they test them on what is necessary to
know in whatever rank they want. The apprentices are training to become a
full member of the pack and hopefully earn the ranks they have been
working for.
The pups of the pack are usually found just playing in the den, then they
become apprentices once they reach the required age (yearling). The pups
must have maternal care. In other words, they need to have a mother.
The omegas are the wolves who are the lowest ranked.
Although they are too old to be apprentices, they may practice to become a full member of the
The loners of the pack could be considered as "Pack Friends". They aren't
ready to become a full member of the pack; although they are allowed to
roam throughout the territory of Alpine Spirits Pack.

Look through all of these ranks. Choose one that you might want to be someday or that your character fits the best!

Hope this guide helped!

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The Ranks of the Alpine Spirits Pack
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