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PostSubject: Mates & Pups   Mates & Pups EmptyMon Dec 17, 2012 3:52 am

Guide to Mates & Pups

Mates and pups are an important factor of a pack. Characters "fall in love" and have a litter of pups. This usually only happens with the dominant pair in the pack, but this is not the case in Alpine Spirits Pack.

There are quite a few rules to having mates/pups, so please do follow them.

The most important rule is to notify the leaders (or founders) of the pack that you and your mate have decided to become mates. Without notifying a leader could get you in serious trouble.
Absolutely no inappropriate roleplaying of mating.
To "divorce", you and your mate need to contact me (both of you need to PM me) saying that you and your mate want to break up. Give me 4 reasons why, and I'll think about it.
If you have pups and want to divorce, it will be a lot harder to convince me.
Don't be dramatic about mate problems.
Have fun! Having a mate is a privilege.


You must PM me that you and your mate have decided to have pups. (I will post a topic about mates deciding to have pups and people can sign up to be your pup.)
RPing the birthing (too realistically) may get you warned. This is a "kid friendly" website. It's for everyone, not just older users. If you've got a problem with that, feel free to contact me.
You and your mate must be together for at least three weeks before having pups.
Regular user mates may only have a limit of five pups.
Be a little bit realistic about time - pups aren't going to be born the day after the mother is pregnant.
Having pups is a big responsibility and it takes a bit of work. I'll help you with making the den, getting pups for you, etc. but you have to handle things mostly on your own.
Pups will be born inside of the female's (personal) den.

If you have any questions or concerns, I encourage you to contact me. Hope this helped!
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Mates & Pups
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