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 Guide to RP

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Guide to RP Empty
PostSubject: Guide to RP   Guide to RP EmptySat Mar 31, 2012 4:53 am

Guide to RP

There are 4 'types' of RPing: Physical (an action, movement, etc.), Verbal (speaking out loud), Mental (thoughts), and Out of Character (totally not related to your character's action). Although you can reply to physical and verbal actions, mental actions are in the animal's head and are not heard by the outside world. Therefore, you can't reply to them.

Physical actions can be typed regularly. Verbal actions should be surrounded by quotation marks ("Hi!"), and Mental can be put in italics or single quotations ('Ugh.'). Out of Character actions can be surrounded by parenthesis (Like this.).

Example Paragraph:

The silver wolf glanced back nervously. "Where is he?" She whispered, her heart filling with worry. Not wanting to let go, she waited, and waited. Finally the time came when she knew she had to keep going. 'You're on your own now.' The female thought, accepting the fate sadly.

(I just love my wolf. <333)

The silver wolf glanced back nervously. = Physical

"Where is he?" = Verbal

'You're on your own now.' = Mental

(I just love my wolf. <333) = Out of Character

For further questions, please contact someone in the council or experienced member.
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PostSubject: Re: Guide to RP   Guide to RP EmptySun Apr 08, 2012 11:00 pm

To include some general rules and etiquette...

-Nobody cares if your roleplaying and writing skills are bad. There are people from all ages everywhere, and people understand when you don't totally get what is happening or if your character reacts in an unexpected way. Everybody started there, and everybody can help you get to the level where you're happy with each and every post you make. Just make sure you at least try to use proper spelling and grammar, it's very annoying to read a post written in 1337 or with terrible spelling.

-For those who are skilled roleplayers, if somebody is clearly at a lower skill level than you are and they ask for advice, don't just tear them apart and point out every single flaw. Say what they do well and how they can improve those things that they do not do well. If they don't ask for criticism, don't give it to them.

-There are no superpowers or appearing stronger than everybody else. No, you didn't just pin him before he could do anything, and no you didn't dodge every single hit he tried to land on you. You're just like everyone else in the fact that you can't do these things. Fighting is an interesting topic because everyone wants their own character to win, because many people show their personality through their character and if the character fails, it makes the person feel bad. Just avoid fighting as much as you can, and if you think someone has done something beyond what is normal in a fight that does arise, just ignore it.

-Arguing on the internet is like watching a pot until it boils. Nothing good is going to happen until you stop.

-Act your own rank. If a fight comes up, just stay out of it if it doesn't involve you.

Will add more once I think of more, and if an issue arises that isn't covered here. Any questions can be PMed to me.

Let's just get this over with. For science. You monster.
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Guide to RP
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